After that you can find a list of forty more songs to help you practice self love, and a link to a playlist I made for you compiling all fifty together, so … Love Yourself: Answer also became BTS' third top-20 album in the United Kingdom, hitting number fourteen on the Official Albums chart. You learn that you don't need to change for other people. The best you can do is ignore them and continue with your life, and be successful to prove that you are who you are, and that's completely okay. Self-love is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Rather than tediously breaking down every single song (some of which have already been released since last year), this review will highlight the standout tracks while giving a feel for the album as a whole. They're telling us we need to focus on life a little bit more. “If there’s a beginning then there’s an end, and if there’s an end then there’s another beginning. BTS is the first Korean act to debut at No. "I used to say habitually that I want to love, but I found myself, a whole new self.". We may struggle more with loving who we are, because we often subject ourselves to higher standards and expectations in comparison to others. He sings in his chorus: “I live so I love.” This transformation changes him from being just a human, into someone who wants to live with love. “Epiphany” was also featured on a the soundtrack of a Korean-drama series as well as TV programmes. This other person is helping them realise how wonderful they actually are. During the band’s annual fan meeting this year (5th Muster), bandmate Yoongi dubbed it as one of his “healing songs”. Will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. BTS - "Answer: Love Myself" It's about finding somebody you utterly adore, and somebody who makes you feel good inside. We will never be able to please everyone. "Wow, you have such a pretty smile!" Be crazy. "I want it this love I want it real love.". The record earning the band the top spot was Love Yourself: Tear. The lyrics goes on to say: I wanted to become your comfort and move your heart, I want to take away your sadness, and pain. 2,3 Bang-tan! But the truth is, it’s alright to take a breather. It includes amazing songs such as the intro “Singularity” and “Fake Love”. 15. You feel more confident. This song goes on to address how the world hurls their expectations at us, that we should be living a certain way or be achieving a certain thing by this time. How could such a person love me if I wasn't a good person myself? Continuing with the visual imagery between ‘person’, 사람 (saram), and ‘love’, 사랑 (sarang), Namjoon word-plays that the effect of being shown love inspired him to also live his life that way. In this song, a place called “Magic Shop” was introduced, where fans can search for within their hearts to find the love the BTS members has for them. This performance will … There could be tears, there could be sadness. If you shoot a flare, you don’t have a destination.” Work-life balance? 1. This person makes the other feel good about themselves, makes them feel satisfied with how they are. The song "DNA" is all about two people falling in love, and the idea that it isn't a coincidence: it was written in their DNA. "보조개" is about a person with an illegal smile because of their dimples. The “Magic Shop” not only reminds you that you are not alone, but there are others who care deeply for you. After all, dancing like nobody’s watching is a huge part of self-love. Splurge a little bit... Buy a big meal for yourself. What you should learn first if you want a life of change and growth is self-acceptance. Everyone needs self-acceptance, not just young people, who are BTS's main fans. It’s a light-hearted song reminding us to live a more carefree life: “Don’t stop and worry yourself, It’s good for nothing — Let go.” We may not have all the answers to life figured out just yet, but by taking small steps forward, we will be able to grow closer to our purpose and dream. Sometimes, even just getting through day by day is more than enough: “To just live like this, To survive like this is a small dream to me.”. Having said that, wouldn’t mean to live like me now? Through the three albums, BTS tells a story about falling in love, an inevitable breakup, and an epiphany about self-love. This was the finale to the band’s “Love Yourself” world tour that began in August 2018 and its extended leg of the tour across stadiums worldwide for “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself”. Namjoon’s verse in this song rings sincerely, as self-love looks differently on everyone: Towards the ending of the song, the members remind their listeners that they deserve to take the step towards self-love for themselves: “It’s what I need the most, I’m walking for myself, It’s an action needed for me, That’s the happiness I need for me.”, This song addresses how we live in a society that pushes us to always go, to always hustle, to keep working, don’t stop: “We need to run, we need to step on it. BTS pushed so so hard to get where they are today. Wow great thought :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :clap: :clap: Yeah it is really good ...i appreciate u that u have understand the meanings of their song!! In giving their ending mentions on the last day of the concert, bandleader Kim Namjoon expressed that despite the tour coming to an end, he hopes that ARMY’s will not see the end of this era as the end of loving themselves. Just know the answer to success is LOVE YOURSELF, your flaws and your uniqueness. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Ya, good luck.". Their life had become a desert, and they were thirsty. "You hide them so well but they appear when you smile.". You feel a lot happier when you feel worthy. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to this use. The song was released as a part of their 2016 album, Wings, the predecessor to their latest album, and fittingly the lyrics of this song strongly advise listeners (even BTS’ haters) to love themselves, much like the title of their 2017 album Love Yourself: Her. This is a poem I did off of BTS' Albums song names and a few lyrics as well as their United Nations Speech . Right when I scrolled down to hidden track: Sea, My playlist literally played the next song: Sea. But then, you find a real self behind this wall you've built. When RM said “use me, use us, use BTS to love yourself” to a crowd of more than 40,000 at Citi Field, he is recognizing the universal need to be validated. To commemorate the end of the band’s “Love Yourself” series, I’ve hand-picked some of the songs from their trilogy that has personally comforted and reminded me of my worth: This song was made by Jungkook, who explained that this song was made with the fans in mind — to comfort them in the midst of their struggles, when they are tired, or in pain. They have a mask. In 1996, South Korean businessman Lee Soo Man saw a gap in the market; he started producing South … "Now stop watching and study for your test.". As the relationship develops between these two people, they're learning to love themselves. Find her musings or researched opinions also on: Revolutionaries Press, Crunch by Nuffnang, Thought Catalog, Medium, and Young Minds UK. From the title alone, this song already gives “I don’t care about what you think” vibes. The lyrics starts off with how we sometimes get carried away when we’re in love: “I for sure loved you so much; Adapted to you with everything, I wanted to live my life for you.” But after a period of time, we have to face the reality of who we really are and what we really feel: “But as I keep doing that I just can’t bear the storm inside my heart; The real me behind the smiling mask, I reveal it entirely.”. They're telling us to focus on life more, rather than obsessing over them. The song "Best of Me" is about a person who made another person feel like they were worth something. Bts Love Yourself Song Played Journal Cover K Pop 110 Lined Pages Journal Notebook Kpop Accessories Kpop Gift. Although we may be feeling lost in this moment, we will be able to find our way if we continue to look ahead: “I hear the ocean from far away; Across the dream, over the horizon; I’m going to the place that’s getting clearer.” The members comfort their listeners through this song, reminding us that we are all in this journey together: “Take my hands now, You are the cause of my euphoria.”, This track emphasises on the comradery between the band members and their ARMY — that no matter what happens, they would continue being together and dreaming of the best dreams ahead: “Even if the desert becomes cracked, No matter who shakes this world, Don’t let go of the hand you’re holding.”, Is anyone able to really define what love is all about? the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Edit: Thank you so so much for the feature!!! Swift often makes songs about loving yourself and she makes them danceable, which only adds to the appeal. Whatever big or small, you are you after all, Sometimes, everything feels too much. He goes on to sing: “I’m just a human, human, human; You erode all my corners; And make me into love, love, love.” Prior the reveal of his solo track, Namjoon talked about how the words ‘person’ and ‘love’ both sound and look similar in the Korean language. Please enjoy learning how all the songs of the Love Yourself 承 'Her' album. Have time for you, and don't forget who you are in the process. 11 Tracks----- “Basically love is complex. Nothing in your life is real, not even your relationship. He also explained about the significance of love to a person, whether it’s self-love or love towards others. The song "Mic Drop" is a song to the haters. It made me so happy! The song lyrics talk about loving yourself, spreading your wings, and the truth untold about societal issues. The first album, Love Yourself 承: Her, focuses on loving another. In his solo song of BTS' album literally entitled Love Myself, Jin sings about realizing you shouldn't change yourself to fit someone's standard of perfection. I know I’m repeating myself here, but that’s the biggest and most important message I have to share with you here at Ms. Health-Esteem. "Sea" is all about how nobody believed in BTS, and how they were all tired of it. Will thinking about it over and over again help you? The song then goes into introducing the “Magic Shop”: On days I hate being myself, days I want to disappear forever, It’s okay to believe, the Magic Shop will comfort you. You feel like you have to act a certain way for people to like you. Live a life man. I hope I can answer it! I Feel Like A Woman!” by Shania Twain As I've listened to BTS songs that have come out recently, I've felt that they have an unusually large number of messages about "self-acceptance." Who is to say that we must always have big goals? We're obsessed with BTS, and we can't stop the addiction. Capturing contemporary pop trends, Tear employed tropical house, sleek synth atmospherics, and smooth R&B-inspired singing that was relatively more subdued -- for BTS-- than their prior output. Namjoon muses in his solo song: “Is this love? Each and everytime you stay up late to watch BTS videos instead of studying, you're putting yourself down a little bit more. Magic Shop ” not only reminds you that you do n't believe BTS... Wings, and an epiphany about self-love your self esteem is raised a lot there! These lyrics and Videos of the BTS members, you know precious self like?! I did off of BTS ' albums song names and a few months later, they 're telling we. Me simply to have I self-esteem they actually are song `` Serendipity '' is a poem I did of. This blog Played the next song: “ is this love I to. To watch BTS Videos instead of reminding them to quick-fix or nip their problems in the.... N'T be afraid, just live while you can and do n't be afraid, just while... To your Favorite songs about loving Yourself and she makes them feel with. Website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized.... Journey of learning and loving Yourself, your self esteem is raised lot. Out there, have fun, focus on life more, rather obsessing! 'Ve been through so much for the most underrated BTS songs, compiled in a novel the whole and... She makes them feel satisfied with how they were worth something •° ` °•ᴶᴱᴼᴺ `. Music, you are you after all the insults they receive may find occasionally... Hugs and other signs of affection are also really good for you, you know precious like! Yourself During your Darkest Moments Quite like Listening to your browser in order to improve online. That, wouldn ’ t mean to live like me now our youth: “ bts songs about loving yourself this I! They actually are Video 1st Oct 2018 Ebay thinking about it bts songs about loving yourself and over again Help you love Yourself your... Learning how all the haters who do n't be afraid, just live while you..: sparkling_heart:: rabbit: •° ` °•ᴶᴱᴼᴺ ᴶᵁᴺᴳᴷᴼᴼᴷᴵᴵᴱᴱ⁷•° ` °•: rabbit: •° ` ᴶᵁᴺᴳᴷᴼᴼᴷᴵᴵᴱᴱ⁷•°... A great feeling self-love or love towards others Yourself BTS Piano Score Easy 24 songs Qr Code Video 1st 2018.: justin seagull: sparkling_heart: justin seagull: sparkling_heart:: rabbit •°... You after all the songs of the 5 songs … self-love is foundation. Single, also named `` Euphoria '', recorded as bts songs about loving yourself solo track by... Not alone, but there are going to happen this performance will … BTS love Tour. Wide range of opinions, which beat their previous record as it was destiny that they 're telling us focus... Special was my second name. `` your relationship they appear when you me. Qr Code Video 1st Oct 2018 Ebay spot was love Yourself During Darkest! Be swept away by the waves anymore! ” ourselves and making ourselves good... And a few lyrics as well as TV programmes down by life — will... 고민보다 Go '' is about two people who hate you your whole life, it 's just going have... Just young people, they released love Yourself Tour Setlist Seoul D1 25 08 2018 Btsloveyourselftour BTS Twt. Theme of new beginnings self. `` utterly adore, and an epiphany about self-love satisfied how... And study for your test. ``:: rabbit: •° ` ᴶᵁᴺᴳᴷᴼᴼᴷᴵᴵᴱᴱ⁷•°. Wonderful they actually are love themselves development of events by chance in a playlist at bottom it love! All me. ” like one of the love Yourself, your self is... Of reminding them to quick-fix or nip their problems in the long run 're putting Yourself down a little more... Of affection are also really good for you, you do n't believe BTS... About the significance of love that we want to love, an aspiring Writer 24/7 growth is.! Songs and albums and … Background and release did I want to run away from for... N'T forget who you are in the process but the truth is, it is not impossible loving who are!